EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

The advantage of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is that it is a direct to computer with minimal or no action by the people to an exchange of computer. Standard business documents can be exchanged electronically as between companies. Thus the lengthy post is prevented as well as data errors. Many business processes are more efficient with the elimination of paper processing.

Shops can be implemented more quickly because electronic documents can be automatically integrated with other business systems. Due to better data quality, the whole transaction process is accelerated because there are fewer sources of error and the work need not be repeated.

EDI is essentially a data processing concept which is independent of communication protocols and transmission media. So organizations can exchange electronic documents with other organizations around the world, as long
support these same EDI standards – which is as easy as the exchange of information within the organization.

While EDI has benefited enormously from the technology advantages such. As the introduction of the Internet, the decision to implement enterprise level and not at a technical level should be taken if you want to take full advantage of your EDI investment.